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No-Recipe Fruit Jars FTW

Everyone snacks, right? My 14-year-old, Kayson, likes to have a little something mid-morning and mid-afternoon. She loves Larabars and I love that she loves those since the ingredients come straight from nature. For example, these Apple Pie Larabars have 6 simple ingredients — dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon. That’s […]

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Quinoa Chili

My omni friends and family LOVE this chili recipe.  My sister-in-law asks me to make it for our family get-togethers.  My husband has even been known to carry a half-dozen servings of it back to the Middle East when he travels to work.  It isn’t crazy spicy, so those with […]

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Herb-Stuffed Zucchini Boats

These zucchini boats bake up so buttery.  The herb stuffing is so flavorful and has a crunchy texture from the walnuts.  This is a delicious, light, summertime meal.   Eat Your Freaking Vegetables Serves 4Herb-Stuffed Zucchini Save Recipe Print Recipe My Recipes My Lists My Calendar Ingredients2 medium zucchinisea salt1/3 […]